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Fireplaces and Gas Logs

Fireplaces and Gas Logs

Wood Burners or Modern Glass Beads

With your new Clover Home Leisure indoor fireplace, the only logs you’ll be stacking are your gas logs behind glass fireplace doors. Or, if rustic looking logs aren’t your style … you'll love glass beads – beautiful and carefree enough to warm any heart. Imagine controlling the height of the flame and the temperature of your fire with the touch of a button … the toughest decision of your day will be whether to enjoy watching the dancing flame feature behind the classy glass fireplace doors! In addition to quick warmth, the elegant frame and glass fireplace doors will enhance the look of any room. However, if you don’t want to part with the comforting wood burning smell of winter, Clover Home Leisure also stocks wood burning fireplaces, freestanding, and insert stoves as well.